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Cinquerosso Arte is not a traditional art gallery but a place where young artists can meet people who wish to buy artwork… simply beautiful.
Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone, so that everyone can bring beauty into their lives.

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Cinquerosso Arte isn’t a traditional art gallery. It is an emanation of Cinquerosso Studio, a media agency that for over twenty years has worked with a vast number of creative talents in the areas of graphic design, photography, illustration, and digital technologies. From this trove of experience and partnerships the idea was born of an accessible space devoted to fine art, where young and yet unknown artists can come in touch with people who wish to purchase works of art at reasonable prices.

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The beauty of your space

Cinquerosso Arte is available to assist private clients, designers, contractors, and businesses with its consulting services. Whether you manage a hotel or a retail business, or you’re an architect or an interior designer, or if you simply want to regenerate your home, we can help you find the works of art that best fit the style and function of your space.

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The Journal

The owner and Art Director of the media agency Cinquerosso, Francesca is the mind behind the project Cinquerosso Arte and the heart that feeds it with contagious enthusiasm. Francesca, how did you get the idea for Cinquerosso Arte? The project took shape […]

Interferences, loss of signal, sudden changes of color, distorted images or sounds… These are only some of the small incidents – or glitches – that can happen with electronic equipment. And some people decided to turn them into art. Because machines, however […]


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