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Welcome to Cinquerosso Arte,
the online platform of contemporary art
dedicated to interior design.


Cinquerosso Arte is not a traditional art gallery
but a space where emerging artists can meet designers
seeking quality artwork for their interior design projects.

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The hands, the minds

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The Journal

pesci colori scuri blu opere

The artworks of Mattia Perru delve deep into the viewer’s mind, triggering emotions and thoughts that skim the surface of the unconscious. Meanwhile, the artist seeks the path towards extreme synthesis. Mattia, what is art for you? I have always approached art […]

hospitality fiera riva dl garda

This is a significant event for Cinquerosso Arte,that will exibit with its own stand: from February 5th to 8th, 2024. At Hospitality – The Hospitality Fair, to promote the artworks of its emerging artists at this historic B2B exhibition. It’s dedicated to […]

andrea rocchi

Andrea Rocchi, owner of the eponymous Interior Design studio and head of the HoReCa sector for the AIPI (Italian Association of Professional Interior Designers), is the ideal interlocutor to discuss the relationship between architecture and art in contemporary times. Can you tell […]


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