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The Project

Cinquerosso Arte was born in 2022 from a two-pronged initiative: offering visibility to yet unknown artists while at the same time making art accessible to everyone.
Our wish is for everyone to be able to surround themselves with beauty that will enrich them.
This is why we have created a space where people with talent and people with the eyes to admire it can meet.

Francesca Fazioli

“I started Cinquerosso Arte to offer visibility to young artists and to bring art into everyone’s life. I grew up in a family that instilled in me a love of beauty, and this was where my career as an art director started.
Thanks to my media agency, I am always surrounded by curious, capable young people who have lots to say. I stimulate them, and they thrive.”

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The team

The team Cinquerosso Arte was born from an idea of Francesca Fazioli and has been developed in collaboration with three other creatives:
Elena Guzzinati, Leandro Faina and Tommaso Fontana. The three graphic designers were the first to work on this platform, believing in it and committing to it with all their enthusiasm, therefore they have also been the first ones to share their works. This is a project born for and with artists, because Cinquerosso Arte is mostly this: a space dedicated to talent.

New artists

Our team here at Cinquerosso Arte is always available to evaluate new artists’ portfolios. Our long experience in the field of media and communications, and our e-commerce platform will be able to help them achieve greater visibility. At the same time, our careful and expert selection is a guarantee for buyers, who will be able to choose the work they prefer, knowing that it has been thoroughly evaluated.

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