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The Journal

pesci colori scuri blu opere

The artworks of Mattia Perru delve deep into the viewer’s mind, triggering emotions and thoughts that skim the surface of the unconscious. Meanwhile, the artist seeks the path towards extreme synthesis. Mattia, what is art for you? I have always approached art […]

hospitality fiera riva dl garda

This is a significant event for Cinquerosso Arte,that will exibit with its own stand: from February 5th to 8th, 2024. At Hospitality – The Hospitality Fair, to promote the artworks of its emerging artists at this historic B2B exhibition. It’s dedicated to […]

andrea rocchi

Andrea Rocchi, owner of the eponymous Interior Design studio and head of the HoReCa sector for the AIPI (Italian Association of Professional Interior Designers), is the ideal interlocutor to discuss the relationship between architecture and art in contemporary times. Can you tell […]

natura digital art

Anita Bortolotti started drawing in her house in the woods, and her source of inspiration is nature. The nature that is transfigured to the limits of the abstract, opening up to all possible interpretations. Anita, tell us about you.I’ve always had a […]

Despite his young age, Giovanni has clear ideas about his future and would like to dedicate his life to art. His works reflect an energetic, multifaceted and passionate personality, which has already taken him around the world. Giovanni, tell us about yourself […]

opera d'arte

With her gestural art, based on unpredictable trajectories and imprecise alchemy, Polina imitates the generating force of nature. She loves the idea of an ‘open’ art that can reach anywhere. Polina, tell us about your path in art.It all started quite early […]

opere in tecnica mista collage su sfondo colorato

Erika has managed to combine two great passions – art and love for others – by working in art therapy. Hers is a complex and profound world, because her art investigates and questions the mental schemes in which we all risk being […]

Son and brother of photographers, Rocco Casaluci has always lived among film, lenses and photographic paper, but also among stages and country lanes, with the clear and sharp gaze of the observer. Rocco, tell us about yourself.I was born in Salento and, […]

intervista Paolo Tamburini

Ironic, disorienting, light but not fatuous, Paolo Tamburini’s photographs are born of thought and skill and draw overlapping realities. Limpid layers of luminous revelations. How did you get into photography? Photography was my second great artistic passion. I am the son of […]

decorare con l'arte il tuo hotel

In the hospitality sector, there is an increasing awareness of how important it is to decorate hotels with art. It is not just a matter of embellishing a wall, but of creating an unforgettable stay experience for the customer. Works of art […]

Giulio Rigoni Arte Mistica

Impassive faces like Byzantine icons, constructions as precise as they are improbable, dreamlike scenes suspended in an indefinite time. Giulio Rigoni‘s mystical art awakens multitudes of memories and impressions, strictly without a reading guide. Giulio, tell us your artistic story. I studied […]

She calls herself permeable, Maria Paola Grifone. Permeable to so many stimuli, from a shadow on a wall to a news story, which she feels the need to investigate through art. Painting in order to know, then, as she explains in very […]

Buon compleanno Cinquerosso Arte

On May 5, 2022, Cinquerosso Arte’s adventure officially began. Twelve months later, we can already make an initial assessment, between expectations and perspectives. We talk about it with Francesca Fazioli, the mind and heart of the project. Francesca, thinking back to a […]

Riccardo Basaglia

Art is, for Riccardo Basaglia, a way of discovering new things. His drawings arise from the confluence of themes and cultures, but also of techniques and tools. His is a curious and open mind, as well as a creative one. The result […]

Andrea Marchesini

A free art, wandering amongst thoughts, moving from elaborated concepts to impalpable sensations. Andrea Marchesini started his journey on a large table covered in paper and is still going “somewhere, nowhere”. What is the first word that comes to mind thinking of […]

Mauro Sini fotografia

Passionate about architecture, Mauro Sini looks for essential lines, sharp and precise shapes also for his photographs. It is a study of the void, to explore following one’s inner rhythm. Mauro, how did you meet photography? I met it relatively late, when […]

stefanizzi fotografia corpo femminile

Professional photographer, specialized in fashion photography, her art undresses the female body and portrays it for its purity. Paola, tell us about your development as a photographer. I started in my teen years, while studying at the Istituto d’Arte. After school I […]

Traveller and photographer, passionate and curious, Silvia Lisotti was brought to art not by choice, but because her talent manifested itself in all its bursting evidence. Silvia, tell us about you. How and when did you start to photograph?  I am a […]

art city white night
30 - 01 - 2023

Art City White Night

During the Art City White Night, an event of  Arte Fiera 2023, the “Cinquerosso Arte, la piattaforma dei giovani artisti” event will take place, a collective exhibition of the collection of Cinquerosso Arte. In this occasion, the location in via Remorsella 5/2, […]

Franco Covi Fotografia

Professional photographer for more than thirty years, Franco Covi is always looking for new languages and new means of expression, from film to artificial intelligence. Franco, tell us about yourself. I started doing this job very young. First as an assistant, and […]

Riccardo Passerini Fotografia di viaggio

Traveling for work, Riccardo always has with him his camera in order to be ready to photograph a face, a site, a detail capable of rendering the essence of a place. Riccardo, tell us about your training as a photographer. Initially I […]

nft arte digitale

Art has never been closed in an ivory tower separated from reality, so it should not come as a surprise that its market might undergo variations especially when a big part of reality will reside in the digital world, i.e. the metaverse, […]

arte architettura

Architecture is not only building, just like art is not only “museum stuff”. These two expressions of human creativity have always been intrinsically connected. We talk about this with the art historian Max Martelli. Max, tell us briefly about the relationship between […]

Pierluigi Molteni architetto Bologna

The architect Pierluigi Molteni virtually opens to us the doors o his studio to offer us his very interesting point of view on the relationship between architecture, art and people. What are the main characteristics of your projects?  My studio basically follows […]

opere digital art

Always bearer of an aesthetic vision of things, Leandro expresses his inner landscapes through art. Surprisingly peaceful worlds where each of us would love to live.  Leandro, tell us your story. At least as far as art is concerned. More than a […]

consulenza opere arte interior designer

Have you ever entered a room and felt a sensation of harmony, as if everything was in place?  This is what happens when the location owns its style, a coherence between the elements which does not allow space for dissonance. Before observing […]

fotografia bensi essenziale minimalista

Lorenzo’s photography goes straight to the heart. Shots that depict the purity of shapes and enchant the viewers as visual poems.  Tell us how you started. When was your first encounter with photography?  I am the son of artists, my father was […]

Silvia Pesci - Damiani Editore

Owner of Damiani publishing house, Silvia Pesci is a great expert of photography and contemporary art, with an international perspective. And in between her worldwide travels she assisted with the birth of Cinquerosso Arte. Silvia, what is happening in Damiani? Many very […]

Eclectic, curious, experimenter, Luca Gentile AKA Bad Mandala never stops. His mind, just like his work, is a web of ideas, languages, images, sensory trails that never exhaust their energy. Luca, tell us about your education I have always been passionate about […]

glitch art

Interferences, loss of signal, sudden changes of color, distorted images or sounds… These are only some of the small incidents – or glitches – that can happen with electronic equipment. And some people decided to turn them into art. Because machines, however […]

Cinquerosso sinergie innovazione idee Francesca Fazioli

It was on July 5, 2002, that Cinquerosso opened its doors for the first time – both literally and metaphorically. In the mind of founder Francesca Fazioli, Cinquerosso was designed as an “open” space: open to influences, innovations and synergies. But let’s […]

08 - 06 - 2022

What a question to ask!

Let’s get to know our artists  Elena Guzzinati, Manuele Chan, Tommaso Fontana, NP and Icaro were the first five young artists to be recruited by Cinquerosso Arte. We interviewed them to get a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of their […]


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